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Accelerate your business with
TranSwap credit line

Whether it’s a short-term plan or a long-term goal, we agree that life is sweeter with extra funds. We are here to provide you a flexible line of credit to support your business growth.

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Expand your business

Leverage on our credit solution to empower your business to the next level (automation, business operation, e-commerce and etc).

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Backup funds for uncertain cashflow

It is always a good practice to plan ahead & start having funds ready for rainy days. It is harder to source for financing when a business faces cashflow crunch thus we would like to be part of your business backup plan for the uncertain cashflow.

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Cater to unforeseen opportunities

In this challenging and competitive environment,
a business must adapt to dynamic business needs. Our credit solution is here to provide the support when your business sees the opportunities and wants to seize it.

Scale your revenue with our credit line

With the extra cashflow, you can now do a lot more things to achieve or even over-achieve your revenue targets. Paying off suppliers earlier with extra early payment discount, spend more on advertisement to reach more potential customers for your products and services.


Free to apply

Application fees

Get approved instantly

Longer processing time

Credit lines up to $250,000

Lower Limits

Transaction fee 2%

Hidden transaction fees

APR as low as 4.8%

APR more than 5%

Revolve as you pay

Not flexible

No hidden fees

Other additional fees incurred

TranSwap Credit Line

Transwap TransactionTranswap TransactionTranswap TransactionTranswap TransactionTranswap TransactionTranswap TransactionTranswap Transaction

Easy to apply

It’s the best experience you’ve ever had with obtaining funds. All you have to do is:

What’s a Transwap personal line of credit?

Your Transwap personal line of credit is an important tool in paying off credit card debt. Once you download Transwap, you’d like us to manage, we analyze your credit profile to determine if Transwap can offer you a line of credit loan with a lower APR than you’re currently paying - and that helps you save money.

Transwap Transaction

Based in the Singapore

Transwap Transaction

Lightning fast approvals

Transwap Transaction

Use it when you need it!

Transwap Transaction

Don’t need a good credit score

Transwap Transaction

Business checking account

Transwap Transaction

Ideally 6+ months in business

Transwap Transaction

Loan payment protection

Transwap Transaction

Variable rates

Transwap Transaction

Low monthly payments

Need money right now?
We've got your business covered

Once you're approved for a certain credit amount, you can withdraw funds whenever you want, without any hassles. Your money is easily accessible through special checks or Online Banking.

Credit Card Manager

No more juggling cards with different APRs and balances

Late Fee Protection

We help you and make sure there are no credit card late fees on your accounts

Save Money on Interest

The smartest way to help save you money on interest

Lower Cost than
Traditional Credit Cards

Upgrade Card

Traditional Card

Time to pay off the balance

2 years

28 years

Interest paid over the time



What you need to apply?

Transwap Transaction

Based in Singapore

Transwap Transaction

Singpass business (Sole proprietorship, Partnership or Company)

Transwap Transaction

Business bank account statement for last 3 months

Borrow in 30+ currencies

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TranSwap credit line fees

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What is the eligibility criteria?

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What documents are required to apply?

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What is application process?

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How much credit will be granted?

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How much do I have to pay monthly?

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How do I make repayment?

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