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Best practices and tips on how to identify “TranSwap”


How to identify “TranSwap” websites and social media

Learn how to identify scams

Tips for getting started with TranSwap

Here are some tips to help you identify :

1. Always check the URL and domain name:

Our official website:

TranSwap Home page

Transwap’s Homepage

2.  Transwap’s official social media accounts are all linked at the bottom:

Learn how to identify scams:

You are not expecting an SMS, call or e-mail from TranSwap.

The caller or sender is unable to identify themselves properly.

Do not click on any link from 3rd party apps or website to access our TranSwap official website

Watch the video to protect yourself from phishing scams:

Here are some tips to help you get started with TranSwap:

You have incorporated a company in Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong or Macao.

Onboarding with country entity in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Hold up to 34 currencies.

Convert to multiple foreign currencies and save more with our highly competitive exchange rates.

To open your TranSwap account, you will need to verify with photo ID, picture of you holding your ID. (Refer below for specific country onboarding details).

What information do I need to provide? 

The following information is required to verify your identity to comply with regulations in the respective countries. 

For Singapore onboarding, the required docs:



Verification of national ID document/passport

If passport used, or for non-SG Citizen or PR, to provide Proof of Address in Singapore


Company name

Business registration number

Business profile or annual return showing all directors and shareholders

Certificate of registration or incorporation

Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution or Partnership Agreement

Mobile number or email address of the contact person

Contact details of all authorised users and key contact person(s)

For Hong Kong onboarding, the required docs: 



1. Hong Kong Permanent residents

Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card

Proof of address

2. Hong Kong Foreigner


Proof of address


Documents to identify customer:

NAR1 or NNC1 for newly incorporated entities

Other documents filed after NAR1 or NNC1 (e.g. NR1, ND2A, etc)

Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution

Business Registration Certificate

Certificate of incorporation:

a. Other notarised or certified documents to identify the UOB of the customer if the customer is owned by another entity

b. Board Resolution signed by at least 2 directors

For Indonesia onboarding, the required docs:



Identity card (KTP)

Or driver's license (SIM)

Or passport

Or other official documents issued by Government Agencies


Deed of Incorporation + receipt from Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR)

Latest Complete adjusted Articles of Association according to UUPT 2007 + MoLHR

Business Registration (OSS NIB RBA) + Business License (Izin usaha)

Letter of Domicile (for business license #2)

Tax Registration Card (NPWP)

Business Certification (if any)

Verifications of the relevant natural persons are required to be done before the account can be approved.   

For the onboarding of the United Kingdom, the required docs: 

United Kingdom


1. Proof of ID


Or Driver’s license

Or Residence Permit

2. Proof of address dated within 3 months

Bank or building society statement

Or Utility Bills

Or Council Tax Letter

Benefits Letter

3. Other supplementary documents may be needed upon request


Proof of ID of the ultimate beneficial owners who hold(s) the company over 25%

Proof of address dated within 3 months of the ultimate beneficial owners who hold(s) the company over 25%

Other supplementary documents may be needed upon request 

Although individuals may only sign up for one TranSwap personal account, companies can create multiple business accounts. To create more than one account, you can either sign up with a separate email address or link it to your existing e-mail address. Our account manager can assist you with this process.