Press Release

December 13, 2018

TranSwap Introduces its Executive Leadership Team to Propel the Business Forward

Revolutionizing the traditional start-up culture with a multi- faceted team equipped with an optimal mix of skills, expertise and experience instrumental in driving the company’s growth, Singapore-based cross-border payments FinTech platform TranSwap has appointed Mr. Lim Kien Leong as Chief Legal Officer to spearhead all legal and regulatory matters.

The appointment of Mr. Lim is part of TranSwap’s initiative to lead the company forward in anticipation of new growth opportunities, with his leadership and legal guidance in line with TranSwap’s strategic direction. Bringing his unique, individualized approach to help the company navigate legal, regulatory and compliance issues, Mr. Lim’s proven track record in his field of expertise value-adds to TranSwap as they propel small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to greater heights with fintech facilitating FX payments in more than 45 countries.

Mr. Lim, who co-founded TranSwap with Chief Executive Officer Mr. Benjamin Wong, has gained extensive experience in the field of arbitration, civil and commercial litigation and corporate law both in Singapore and Sydney, Australia. In this role, Mr. Lim will be able to provide in-depth advice on all legal and regulatory issues to ensure that TranSwap is in compliance with all regulatory requirements by the relevant authorities.

Mr. Lim Kien Leong, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer, said, “Being in a regulated space, Fintech start-ups today face multiple legal and regulatory issues, posing a distinct challenge. It is key for start-ups to be aware of the regulatory environment that they operate in and how best to thrive in each market. Ultimately, the successful development of our business is determined by how one is able to anticipate and tackle legal issues in a proper and timely manner.”

Mr. Benjamin Wong, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “TranSwap is fortunate to have Mr. Lim onboard. By tapping on his extensive legal knowledge and on-the- ground experience, Mr. Lim will greatly help TranSwap navigate the many legal and regulatory issues start-ups face today as we aggressively expand globally.”