TranSwap partners with 361 Degree Consultancy: Propelling Growth in SMEs

Streamline your finances and digitalise with 361 Degree Consultancy today!

TranSwap is delighted to announce that we have recently partnered with 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd, a leading cloud integrator in Singapore. This partnership is inspired by 361 Degree Consultancy’s objective to support the growth of SMEs, which is in line with our mission at TranSwap to assist the globalisation of SMEs.

Being a leading software aggregator, Team 361 has the full capabilities to offer unbiased recommendations and value-for-money solutions for SMEs. Their software services are designed to facilitate small and medium enterprises in streamlining their office processes and improving the overall work efficiencies, which are imperative to bring businesses to a whole new level.

Ever since 2008, Team 361 has served more than 1,500 customers in Singapore and Malaysia. With a professional and dedicated workforce, Team 361 has been expanding its clientele network over the years. They are always reachable for advice with a fast customer service turnaround. This earns them the trust of clients and loyalty builds up naturally over the years.

More than a cloud integrator

Save more by outsourcing

Team 361 is also an established accounting services provider. This is the reason why they are

especially strong in accounting software solutions, because they know what you need.

The comprehensive accounting services that Team 361 offers are completely SME-friendly and suit your budget! Some of the services they offer include on-site and off-site bookkeeping, preparation of a full set of accounts, reconciliations of accounts, preparation of cash flow statements, and many more!

Government Grants

Team 361 aims to provide value-added services for their clients as well. Being the first PSG

(Productivity Solutions Grant)-approved vendor for Xero in Singapore, Team 361 has since assisted many SMEs to tap on various government grants for additional funding support. With such a support grant, businesses can then enjoy better cash flow, as well as plenty of other benefits and incentives that can help to maximise manpower productivity and increase business profits.

In this partnership with Team 361, we aim to provide more comprehensive business solutions and tools to help local SMEs grow and globalise.

About TranSwap

TranSwap provides financial solutions that empower global business growth. Our integrated solution of payments, collections, conversions, and multi-currency accounts is aimed to help businesses transcend borders and unlock the possibilities of tomorrow. TranSwap has a presence across multiple regions worldwide, and a global Research and Development Centre at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom to drive innovation in the Fintech industry. TranSwap is fully regulated and licensed in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

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