5 Company productivity tips for small businesses

Understanding company productivity allows you to understand your business capacity

Productivity is a measure of the efficiency and performance of your company in converting inputs to outputs...

Digital Solutions
Machine learning: Powering business growth

Machine learning is being widely used in different industries. Even in the Fintech sector, businesses are seeing an increase in the usage of machine learning in their business...


Digital payment is the future and here’s why

Ever since the pandemic, more and more people are embracing digital payment solutions. This is mainly because digital payments allow for more transparency...


Business scaling 101

Founders and CEOs of businesses tend to use the word “growing” and “scaling” interchangeably when they talk about expanding their businesses. While these two concepts might appear similar, they are completely different from one another. Find out the ins and outs of what it takes to scale your business...


5 Ways to effectively manage a remote team

Like it or not, remote working is here to stay. And as a leader, you need to help the employees navigate through problems that could cause misunderstanding and setbacks in work. To do this, heavy communication is required to ensure that business runs smoothly.


5 Things to consider before entering a global market

Before you expand your business on a global scale, you need to first understand the international market that you are dabbling into. It is vital to research the feasibility of your plan and what tools are required to execute it.


TranSwap partners with 361 Degree Consultancy: Propelling Growth in SMEs

TranSwap announces its partnership with a leading cloud integrator in Singapore, 361 Degree Consultancy. This partnership is aimed to provide more solutions and tools for SMEs to grow and globalise...


5 Tips to manage a global workforce this 2021

A global workforce provides many opportunities for an organisation such as reaching new customers and providing resources to interact with the audience in those markets. However, there are significant barriers and challenges companies have to overcome to establish an effective and productive international workforce…