TranSwap: Who are we?

Go Global. Transcend Business Banking

Who are we?

TranSwap was founded in Singapore in 2015. It was established to transcend business banking and remove cross-border barriers. We make global payments simple and accessible for SMEs and startups. Our customers can transfer and receive payments in multiple currencies in over 180 countries around the world. Our goal is to help companies ‘Go Global’ and strive.

How did we start?

It began during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. When Benjamin Wong (Founder of TranSwap) approached the bank, he was faced with ridiculous exchange rates. Fortunately, Ben had a friend who needed to exchange his US Dollars for Singapore Dollars. They agreed to swap their respective currencies at an agreed rate. This swap gave Ben the idea of making cross-border financial exchange more simple.

With modern technology and the rapid growth of fintech, the idea of a simple ‘swap’ was brought to life. SMEs are now able to tackle challenges such as high cost of exchange rates and transfer fees and the inefficiency and complexity of global payments with the help of TranSwap.

Transwap is licensed and regulated in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Macau. All funds are securely held with major global financial institutions. With functionality and transparency at the core of our operations, Transwap is an award-winning fintech solution provider that is customisable to your business needs.

What are our services?

While large corporations have alternative banking solutions available to them, the options for SMEs are very limited when looking to expand and conduct business in a foreign market. TranSwap recognises the difficulty. We offer a simple and powerful solution to help companies and individuals to smoothly manage their cash flows and increase their international competitiveness. With our global account solution, SMEs and startups can open a local bank account to pay, collect and receive money in local currency. Our customers are able to effortlessly conduct business abroad with zero hidden fees, low conversion rates and the flexibility to hold up to 34 currencies.

TranSwap gives our customers access to personal and business cards. With a TranSwap card, our customers can pay in any currency around the world with real-time exchange rates. Companies and individuals can enjoy tracking and managing expenses and transactions with no minimum balance and monthly fees.

TranSwap is here to provide solutions so you can focus on achieving your aspirations. Ready to get started? Talk to our specialist to unlock your full potential today.