Business scaling 101

What does it mean to scale up? Unlike growing your business, scaling allows you to increase revenue without a substantial increase in resources

Founders and CEOs of businesses tend to use the word “growing” and “scaling” interchangeably when they talk about expanding their businesses. While these two concepts might appear similar, they are completely different from one another. Find out the ins and outs of what it takes to scale your business...

Global Business
5 Things to consider before entering a global market

Before you expand your business on a global scale, you need to first understand the international market that you are dabbling into. It is vital to research the feasibility of your plan and what tools are required to execute it.


TranSwap partners with 361 Degree Consultancy: Propelling Growth in SMEs

TranSwap announces its partnership with a leading cloud integrator in Singapore, 361 Degree Consultancy. This partnership is aimed to provide more solutions and tools for SMEs to grow and globalise...


Does national debt affect the currency exchange rate?

National debt erodes the value of a country’s currency. Without a systemic crisis plan set in motion, it will negatively impact investment performance, inflation, job markets and so on. It is crucial that we develop a solid understanding of the relationship between national debt and the currency exchange rate to come up with solutions.


What is your cash flow statement telling you?

A cash flow statement is one of the most useful markers of a business's status. It measures how well a company manages its cash position, which defines its ability to pay debts, fund existing operations and so on.


Budget 2021: TranSwap’s effort in supporting the Singapore government’s initiatives

The trajectory of the pandemic will determine the immediate trajectory of global economic recovery. As a small, open economy, Singapore’s economic recovery is contingent on how the global situation plays out. As such, the implementation of Budget 2021 deploys the nation’s fiscal resources to collectively build a better future. TranSwap will play an active role in aiding the Government’s initiatives.


US Dollar: How it became the global currency

The US Dollar, also known as the greenback is the world’s most traded currency. Due to its global acceptance, general stability and wide usage, it’s safe to say that the United States has dominated the global market. But how did it happen? How did the US dollar become the global currency and subsequently, the world’s leading superpower?


Singapore's 2021 economic forecasts: The good, the bad and everything in between

Many economists have predicted Singapore 2021 economic forecast to have a positive growth despite the impacts of COVID-19. Despite the overall growth, some sectors are not spared from the virus’ destruction.


Chinese ancient currency: A time filled with sycee

The value of the Chinese currency spans over thousands of years, holding some of the world’s most valuable history. Before the all-familiar Yuan, silver sycees were a major form of currency in Chinese history.


Mistakes to avoid while transferring money overseas this Christmas

If you are looking forward to transferring money as a Christmas gift to your family who lives overseas during this holiday season, there are some pointers for you to look out for. If you fail to do so, you might risk missing the Christmas deadline or having to pay expensive exchange rates...


Save more money with these cashback apps this Holiday

There is nothing wrong with spending a little extra during the holiday season. But if there is a way for you to save, then why not? Here are 5 cashback apps that can help you enjoy your Christmas shopping while keeping your bank account healthy...


A whole new look for TranSwap

Introducing TranSwap’s brand new look with a user-friendly website and improved features. Read more to find out... Read more to find out... Read more to find out...


5 Ways to Save Cost

Without proper savings, trying to stay afloat amidst a pandemic sounds almost impossible. Here are ways to save costs and to recession-proof your finances. Open to read more...