SMEs: Growing internationally and its challenges

Globalisation is a leap forward for many small businesses

Globalisation, or internationalisation, opens up new business opportunities and allows SMEs to expand beyond their home market. However, while internationalisation is indeed a strategic imperative, it comes with a set of challenges. Open to read more...

Global Payment
Global Business
Digital payment is the future and here’s why

Ever since the pandemic, more and more people are embracing digital payment solutions. This is mainly because digital payments allow for more transparency...


What is your cash flow statement telling you?

A cash flow statement is one of the most useful markers of a business's status. It measures how well a company manages its cash position, which defines its ability to pay debts, fund existing operations and so on.


US Dollar: How it became the global currency

The US Dollar, also known as the greenback is the world’s most traded currency. Due to its global acceptance, general stability and wide usage, it’s safe to say that the United States has dominated the global market. But how did it happen? How did the US dollar become the global currency and subsequently, the world’s leading superpower?


Mistakes to avoid while transferring money overseas this Christmas

If you are looking forward to transferring money as a Christmas gift to your family who lives overseas during this holiday season, there are some pointers for you to look out for. If you fail to do so, you might risk missing the Christmas deadline or having to pay expensive exchange rates...


A whole new look for TranSwap

Introducing TranSwap’s brand new look with a user-friendly website and improved features. Read more to find out... Read more to find out... Read more to find out...


The history of Foreign Exchange: Part 2

After the Plaza Accord, we will now move towards the formation of the European Union and the current forex exchange that we are familiar with. Open to read more...


The history of Foreign Exchange: Part 1

Foreign exchange is one of the biggest and most accessible markets in the world. Read more to find out the history behind foreign exchange and how it has shaped the market...


The impact of currency fluctuations on businesses

Currency fluctuations can severely impact your business. Regardless of your trade, it’s important to understand the effects of a fluctuating currency. Open to find out more...