A whole new look for TranSwap

Times are changing, so are we!

TranSwap is proud to announce that as of today, November 19, 2020, we have launched a brand new logo and website.

We’ve changed our look!

Over the last few years, we have worked to improve our services to meet our customers’ expectations. We recognise that global payments need to be efficient and at speed powered by technology. We have created this new experience by prioritising simplicity and ease of use tailored for you.  

The new TranSwap logo incorporates how we have evolved as a business. Other than the vibrant and refreshing colour palette, the layers in our logo design represent the scale and diversity of our company—incorporating different types of currencies throughout the world.  

Introducing TranSwap’s new logo:

Our brand new website includes a more comprehensive set of features, including easy navigation, clean interface and eye-catching designs, that we believe will better showcase our identity as a present-day borderless payment platform. 

All-new Solutions

Our team has designed four solutions to meet your transaction needs :

Make low cost, quick and easy payments in 120 currencies to more than 180 countries.

Get access to local bank transfers from international partners and customers. You can now receive local currency via local payment networks. 

Protect your profits and take control of your foreign exchange (FX) exposure.

Hold up to 34 currencies and collect and pay like a local with virtual accounts in US, UK, and EU. With this global account, you no longer need to create foreign bank accounts for transactions abroad.

Indulge in the latest news and insights available weekly on our blog where we cover interesting articles surrounding topics of Personal Finance, Stories, News and Business. We are also extremely happy to introduce our new Instagram page @transwap_official. Now, you can keep yourself updated with the latest insider news and FX trends on any of our platforms—TranSwap’s website, Facebook and Instagram. The choice is yours!

Times are changing, so are we

We hope you like our new look!  

We are still working to create new products and we will keep you posted on future updates. Get in touch with us now if you have any enquiries.