How to Protect Yourself Online

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Did you know the popularity of online banking and mobile payments goes hand-in-hand with fraud?

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Money Transfer
A Simple Guide to Transferring Money Internationally

It is common practice for most businesses nowadays to make international transfers...


A look into SMEs vulnerability to post-pandemic restructuring

The global pandemic has dealt a huge blow to many small businesses. Although SMEs have received government fundings, not every small business could thrive. Small businesses are crucial to a country’s economy and they must find ways to survive not only for their sake but for their country as well.


Going Global: Five lessons to ensure a smooth transaction online

As exchanging money over the internet has become an everyday occurrence, there are still some downsides to cyberspace that we need to be aware of when it comes to transferring a large sum of money abroad online...


What is money laundering?

Money laundering is a grave offence in Singapore, but what is money laundering and how do we combat it? Read more to find out...


Chinese ancient currency: A time filled with sycee

The value of the Chinese currency spans over thousands of years, holding some of the world’s most valuable history. Before the all-familiar Yuan, silver sycees were a major form of currency in Chinese history.


Mistakes to avoid while transferring money overseas this Christmas

If you are looking forward to transferring money as a Christmas gift to your family who lives overseas during this holiday season, there are some pointers for you to look out for. If you fail to do so, you might risk missing the Christmas deadline or having to pay expensive exchange rates...


A whole new look for TranSwap

Introducing TranSwap’s brand new look with a user-friendly website and improved features. Read more to find out... Read more to find out... Read more to find out...


The history of Foreign Exchange: Part 2

After the Plaza Accord, we will now move towards the formation of the European Union and the current forex exchange that we are familiar with. Open to read more...


The history of Foreign Exchange: Part 1

Foreign exchange is one of the biggest and most accessible markets in the world. Read more to find out the history behind foreign exchange and how it has shaped the market...


The impact of currency fluctuations on businesses

Currency fluctuations can severely impact your business. Regardless of your trade, it’s important to understand the effects of a fluctuating currency. Open to find out more...